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For many, summer brings warm memories of no more school for at least 2 months, playing outside with our friends until the fireflies come out and many lazy days at the pool. Summer can usher in a season of a change of perspective. As adults, much of our day and routines can be formed around our daily responsibilities like home and work. But what if we embraced some of the benefits of summer?

Summer of the benefits of summer are:

Longer Days.

While our actual days are no longer in the summer, the amount of daylight is the longest that we have during the year. The extra hours of daylight bring more time to exhale, relax, be outside more in the fresh air and nature, gather with friends and increase your movement.

More Sunshine.

More hours of sunshine can improve out mood and increase the levels of vitamin D that our bodies need.

Being in Nature.

Summer brings a beautiful season outside. The warm weather and sunshine bring out the best of nature. The trees blooming, the green grass and the continually blooming of flowers. This is a season when many love to work in their garden and tend to their flowers. Gardening is a wonderful way to be outside, get a little exercise and enjoying watching your efforts to grow plants into something beautiful or good to eat.

Eating Differently.

Summer brings so many fresh fruits and vegetables and at a better cost since they are in season. It is a wonderful time to try a few new things. Summer brings a more relaxed approach to food preparation also. Many do not want to be inside spending hours cooking over their stoves but instead choose to grill outside. Summer is a wonderful opportunity to begin to bring healthier meals and snacks into your diet.


Summer can bring many opportunities to be more active. The longer hours of daylight, warmer weather and increased sunshine encourages us to get more active and outside more. While some may be focused on their established exercise routine, summer is a great way to try new opportunities. That may look like a walk around your block, trying a new class or even playing on a sport team.  Increasing your movement does not have to be about adding traditional forms of exercise, try some dancing or playing in the backyard with your children or grandchildren.

Family and Friends.

The extra daylight hours and warmer weather can bring more opportunities to get out and be with our family and friends. We can meet for picnics, cookouts, playing some baseball and enjoying time together.


Improved Concentration.

Being outside can help many to concentrate better. Taking time to give your brain a little time to exhale and focus on being outside can bring a renewed focus and concentration. Summer brings many opportunities are take a little walk, sit outside for a few moments, and add outdoor activities in the evening that can help our minds and bodies.

Taking Time for Yourself.

With the longer daylight hours, we can take advantage of being outside more.  Adding in a little more self-care during this more relaxed season is a great benefit of summer. That could look like reading your favorite book in a hammock in the yard, talking your dog for a longer walk, meeting up with friends for coffee. The more relaxed pace of the summer can bring additional opportunities to linger a little longer, grab a few more minutes of sleep or enjoy another cup of tea.


While you can take a vacation anytime during the year, many choose to go in the summer. Vacations are so important to our mental and physical health. Taking a few days and exhaling from the normal routine and pace of life is so important. Vacations can give our brains a rest from the daily tasks we do and allow us to not only exhale a bit but also think about and engage in new things. Even busy vacations can bring us back into our regular routine refreshed and ready to jump back into our daily lives.

Make a List.

Summer is a fun time to make a bucket list of things you would like to do during the summer. While a vacation may be part of that, add lots of small events and activities. When you have a free evening or a couple of hours you can look at your bucket list and will have lots of ideas on what to do.

Summer is a wonderful time to slow down a bit, exhale and enjoy activities and opportunities that are specific to this season. If you struggle with being able to slow down and exhale and find that this is creating stress and anxiousness, our therapists would love to talk with you. For more information:https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/anxiety/