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For many people, it is difficult to reach out for help. We can have many misconceptions about what kind of person needs help and what that says about a person. There have been so many myths about therapy and what kind of person needs therapy that can make it hard for someone struggling to embrace the help they need. Often, what others around us think about seeking counseling can also have a big impact on whether we are comfortable in seeking help.

How do you know it might be time to push away those myths, misconceptions and what others think and seek help to become stronger, healthier, and moving forward? Here are some situations and feelings that bring insight to when it is time to step out and find help:

Major Life Change.

There are some wonderful life changes that we plan for and are so excited to move into like college, marriage, getting our first home, and starting a family. These changes may bring much excitement but also bring changes that can be hard to adjust too. Having someone to talk with, help you to better understand your feelings and the changes can be good. We can be excited, love the change and still struggle with the new season.

Unwanted Life Change.

Some life changes that can happen that are definitely not ones we want and catch us very much unready for the changes they bring. These changes can be difficult to understand, be hard to work through and move on from. Some of these changes could be:

  • The death of a loved one
  • The loss of a treasured relationship
  • A traumatic life events
  • A separation or divorce
  • The loss of a job

Learning how to walk through changes that we did not expect or want, can be hard and sometimes it is very helpful to have a therapist to talk to, share your emotions and work towards healing.

Life Is Challenging.

Each day has the opportunity to bring new challenges into our day and often those challenges by themselves are workable but when each day continues to bring more, we may become overwhelmed and unable to move forward. Having a therapist to help work through those challenges is important so that you do not feel alone, and they are excellent at seeing perspectives that can be hard for us to see in the moment.

My Emotions Are Everywhere.

While every person is responsible for regulating their own emotions, it can be difficult in some situations and seasons. A therapist can help their clients better understand why they are having these emotions, what is triggering them and how to better regulate their emotions.

My Actions Are Hurting Those I Love.

When we are in seasons of hard circumstances and crisis, often our actions can be most harmful to those we love and are in close relationships with. While our family and friends want to help, it is often best to seek a therapist to help you work through what is causing those actions and ways to better deal with those situations and be in healthy relationship with others.

All I Want to Do Is Be by Myself.

When we are struggling with hard seasons and crisis, sometimes the best thing we think we can do is isolate from everyone. Isolation is not how life was meant to be lived and when we isolate it becomes increasing difficult to work through the hard. Our therapists are a safe place to share your emotions, your hard seasons and to then be able to work on moving forward.

I Don’t Know Why I Do What I Do.

Learning to understand what you are feeling and why you are reacting to life circumstances and relationship is the first step in making a change in how you are feeling and reacting. Our therapists can help you to work through the whys and learn to react in a healthier way to the circumstances in your life.

These are just a few reasons why people work with a therapist. Life is challenging and ever changing and having a therapist to help you work through that can be such a positive step in learning how to become the person you want to be and work on creating the life you want. For more information, please see a little more about our therapists: https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/about/