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Deciding to seek therapy is a crucial first step in working through hard seasons, relationships, experiences, and trauma. Now that you have made that important decision, you may have some questions about how to find a therapist.

There are many factors to think about in choosing a therapist. Doing a little research about counselors in Greenville, SC can be beneficial in finding the right fit for your needs and your circumstances.

Some things to consider about choosing your therapist:

Connection.A close up of a person holding a clipboard while sitting next to a person. This could represent the support therapy in Greenville, SC can offer. Learn more about online therapy in Greenville, SC and the support counselors in Greenville SC can offer.

You will be sharing personal information, experiences, and emotions with your therapist. So, it is important to feel heard and seen by them. A therapist needs to be a good listener and be able to ask questions that will help you to better understand what you are feeling. These questions should also help you to work on healing and moving forward. Due to this, you will need to feel comfortable sharing with your therapist. You will need to feel that your therapist has your best interests and is willing to say hard things if it is needed. A great way to start is to ask a friend for a referral. You can also look on Psychology Today for counselors in your area and read their bios.


One of the requirements for counselors in Greenville, SC, and across the state is to have a master’s degree. Therapists have to fulfill many hours of supervision in the field and need to take classes for continuing education. Therapists continue to work on learning new therapies and deepening their knowledge and skills in therapies that think will help their clients. Asking your therapist about their education and experiences is a great way to see if they are a good fit for your needs.

What Kind of Session Do You Need?

There are a few different types of sessions. So, you will need to be able to find a therapist who offers the services you need such as:

A close up of a person reading from a book. Learn more about online therapy in Greenville, SC and other services by searching "emdr therapy greenville, sc" today. We can offer a variety of services from the comfort of home via online therapy in South Carolina. What type of Therapy Do You Need?

It can be difficult to know exactly what you need to help you better understand, heal, and move forward in your life. Most therapists do work with many of the same mental health concerns. But, it is good to ask about how would they work specifically with you. Each therapist may have similar skills and experiences, but most will have areas they have trained and worked extensively with. Due to this, if you have a specific need, it is beneficial to see if someone in your area works with that concern.

How Long Will Therapy Last?

Therapy is individual and the length of therapy depends on the client, their needs, and the time they need to work through their concerns, heal and begin to move forward toward the life they want. Often clients will come weekly, some may go bi-weekly, then others check in monthly. Your therapist will be able to help you determine what is best for you.

Some other information to consider:

Where to Seek Therapy:

There are a few different places that can provide therapy. Therapists can work in individual practices, group practices, agencies, and with online practices. When deciding what type of practice to look at, consider:A close up of a person holding a map, searching for the right online therapy in South Carolina. Learn more about therapy in Greenville, SC and other services by searching for "online therapy in Greenville, SC" today.

  • Where you live
  • What type of therapy do you need? Some may want to start off with inpatient therapy or intensive outpatient programs. Others will be able to start with weekly or monthly sessions with a therapist in a group practice.
  • How many therapists are available in your area, and do they have the expertise and experience you need?
  • For some, distance will be an issue if they are trying to work with their work demands so a closer location may be needed. For others, online therapy may be a needed option. Therapists in private or group practice may have different hours, so it is good to try to find one with the hours you need.

How Do I Pay for Therapy?

Some of the possible ways to help pay for sessions are:

  • Insurance- some practices accept some insurance. If you have insurance, you can check with your insurance to see which therapists accept your insurance and they should be able to let you know what your portion of the session would be. It is always good to verify upfront with the therapist to be sure they are accepting your insurance.
  • Self-pay- some therapist only accepts self-pay and that means the client will need to pay the rate set by the therapist. This is usually at the time of the session.
  • Sliding scale/reduced fee– some therapists and agencies do offer a sliding scale/reduced fee for clients who qualify. Normally this qualification can be based on income and dependents.

Before working with a counselor, it is good to understand what your financial responsibility will be. By doing so, you will be able to continue with therapy for as long as you need.

Begin Therapy in Greenville, SC

We hope that this blog has helped to answer some of your questions about therapy. These are only a few things to think about when deciding on a therapist. Our team of Greenville therapists would love to help with your mental health concerns. We are happy to offer support from our Greenville, SC-based practice and across the state. To start your therapy journey, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Upstate Restorative Counseling
  2. Meet with a caring therapist in Greenville, SC
  3. Start addressing the mental health concerns affecting you most!

Other Services Offered with Upstate Restorative Counseling

Our team understands that you may experience other mental health concerns. This is why we are happy to offer support with a variety of mental health services in-person and online. We are happy to offer support including therapy for depression, trauma, anxiety, life transitions, and resolving relationship issues, and support across the state via online therapy. Feel free to learn more by visiting our blog or about page today!