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Often, we have seasons in our lives that we feel stuck! We do not feel like we are moving forward.

When we feel stuck in a season of life, we may:

  • Feel like we cannot get any traction on moving towards our goal or even taking the next step.
  • Become resentful when it feels like everyone else is succeeding in their goals.
  • React defensively when we are asked about how things are going.
  • The expectations we have of ourselves can become intense and lead to feelings of failure when we do not think we have measured up to our expectations or those of others.
  • Start making excuses or rationalize why we are not able to make progress.
  • Decide that the goal was not that important to us.
  • As we struggle more, we can begin to procrastinate more and more.
  • Feel like we are failing and even start to feel shameful that we cannot keep moving forward.

If you are struggling with any of feelings, maybe one of these suggestions can help you to get back on track to where you want to be in meeting your goals.


When you feel stuck, it is always good to take some time to evaluate what you are feeling and also your goals. Sometimes we may need to revisit and change some of our steps towards our goals or maybe even redefine the entire goal. We need to be flexible in reassessing what our goals are especially when situations, resources and opportunities change. These adjustments are a normal part of life.

Small Steps.

Small steps are a great way to start to work on moving forward again. What small step or change can you make today? Maybe the first step is evaluating what your goal is. Or maybe taking time to see how far you have come already.


Progress is measured by every small step you take. We do not need to have the whole plan completely figured out to make progress towards your goal. The next small step will continue to guide you down the journey you are taking.

Do Something.

If we do not make a small change or take a small step, then we will stay stuck. Choosing one small step can start a pattern of continuing to take small steps until you accomplish your goal.

Letting Go.

Sometimes in order to take that small step or make that change, we may need to let go of something. It may be our thoughts, other people’s expectations or a choice or action that is keeping us stuck.


In order to know your own thoughts and steps, we may need to quiet the voices around. Even people who love us and want the best for us may need to be quieted sometimes so we can know our own thoughts and plans. When you are feeling stuck it can be good to limit social media. Social media promotes the “best” of our days. When we are feeling stuck, we do not need to be seeing everyone else’s best day.

No Overthinking.

While evaluating and possibly adjusting our plan to move forward, we do not want to get stuck in overthinking and allow that to be a reason we do not take a step. You can always redirect your step if needed.

If you are feeling like you need help moving forward, our therapists are here for you. They can help you to figure out why and where you are stuck and work with you as you move forward in accomplishing your goals. For more information see https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/life-transitions/