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Winter can seem like such a long season and with the crazy weather we have been experiencing, many of us are looking forward to leaving winter behind and enjoying the beauty of spring. The weather has teased us with a few beautiful spring days and for many of us, it makes us want the seasons to change even more.

There are many advantages of the spring season:

  • the warmer weather
  • more daylight hours
  • nature is beginning to awaken and bloom again
  • for some the heaviness of winter is becoming lighter as spring approaches

Spring can begin a season of renewed focus. The warmer weather and spring rains help to nourish the plants and flowers, just as spring can be time of nourishing for us. Spring brings:

  • more sun and light each day which can energize us after the long winter season
  • longer amounts of daylight can encourage us to be outside more each day
  • warmer temperatures provide the ability to get outside more and walk or do fun activities with friends
  • seeing the beauty of nature growing and blooming can lift our spirits
  • eating healthier can become easier and in some areas even more affordable due to fresh produce being in season
  • provide opportunities to take vacations during the spring and that is a wonderful way to exhale, relax and refuel
  • increased creativity for many

The start of spring can also a great time to revisit how well you are taking care of yourself. We all need self-care to be able to live the lives we want. How are you doing with taking care of yourself? Do you need to adjust your schedule to be available for this? Maybe a little refocusing is needed? Needing to readjust or refocus is a positive step in working towards making time to take care of yourself.

Spring is a wonderful time to reflect on some of these self-care ideas:

Get Moving.

Now that the weather is warmer and the days stay lighter longer, it is a great time to resume or possibly add in a walk in the evenings or call a friend to walk with or play frisbee or whatever activity you enjoy.

Enjoy Nature.

Take the time to slow down and look around you. Appreciate how nature is waking up after a long winter. Look at all the various kinds and beautiful colors of flowers. This is a fun time to start a garden and if that is not for you, how about a plant for your porch. Taking care and seeing a plant grow and bloom is a great way to nurture yourself. Make time to visit your favorite places like the lake or beach. The benefits you get from being in nature are huge.

Something New.

Spring is a wonderful time to try something new. The warmer weather and increased light are a terrific way to provide more energy. What is something you have been wanting to try? Maybe look at taking a class? Asking a friend to show you how to do it?

Eating Healthier.

Spring brings much fresh vegetables and fruits at much more an affordable price. This is a fun time to look into new fruits and vegetables and try a few. You never know what might become your new favorite.


Be sure to plan some fun activities into your week. These can be small and inexpensive. Take the time to laugh and be with friends and family.

Be creative.

Each of us expresses their creativity in their own ways. Maybe for you it is going back to something you have enjoyed before or maybe it is starting something new. Spending time on creative pursuits is good for our brains and emotional well-being.

If winter has been a hard season and you need some help better understanding what you have felt or been through before you are able to embrace spring, our therapists are here for you. They would love to work with you. Please take a look at our website for more information https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/anxiety/