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Things that we experience in our childhoods can carry over throughout our lives if left unresolved. Could unmet childhood needs be still affecting me, you might wonder? The answer is yes. Unmet childhood needs can mold how we feel, how we think and how we respond to others and participate in our relationships. Would you like to be able to identify if unmet childhood needs are affecting your adult life? Today will talk about what our basic needs are as children as well as how having unmet childhood needs can affect different areas of our lives.

What are Basic Childhood Needs?

Childhood requires some basic needs be met to establish a balanced sense of belonging and to thrive into adulthood. Food, water, shelter, protection and clothing are examples of basic childhood needs. There are also social and emotional needs that each child needs modeled by their parents or guardians. Some of those emotional needs include security, unconditional love, acceptance, emotional coaching, routines, responsibility as well as play time. Do you find yourself thinking you could have unmet childhood needs in some of these areas? Would you like to be able to identify if you have unmet childhood needs? Below, we will take a look at ways to determine if some unmet childhood needs could still be affecting you.

How Does Unmet Physical Needs Affect Me?

When children are raised in households where physical needs are not met such as food, water, shelter, protection and clothing, there are symptoms that can be seen in adults that have not sought help for their behaviors. Some of those signs from unmet physical needs are below. anxiety mood disorder

  • Low self esteem
  • Eating disorders
  • Insecurity in relationships
  • Anxiety or mood disorders
  • Need to micromanage others

This list is not conclusive, but rather, a few examples of how physical needs not being met in childhood can carry over into adulthood. Do any of these signs seem familiar to you? If you would like help in creating an action plan to take steps to live more successfuly, we are here to help

How Does Unmet Emotional Needs Affect Me?

Like physical needs, emotional childhood needs not being met during childhood often carry into adulthood. Acceptance, approval, unconditional love, emotional coaching and play time are a few examples of these needs. Some of the signs from unmet emotional needs are below.

  • Fear of failureplaytime
  • “Yes” person, fear of saying no
  • Affirmation needed from everyone
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Substance abuse

Again, this list is not conclusive, but a start at recognizing if you suffer from childhood needs not being met. Often parents will repeat neglectful behaviors, which keeps the cycle of unmet needs continuing generation after generation.

Do today’s topics feel heavy to you, but you don’t know where to start? We are here to help you. Upstate Restorative Counseling provides other services that can help you! We provide assistance with counseling in TraumaAnxietyDepressionNavigating Life TransitionsResolving Relationship Issues, and Online Therapy. When you are ready, our team is here to support you.