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Life is hard. Sometimes we need help. It is often hard for us to come to a place of knowing we need help. Do you wonder would counseling help? If so, I hope you can find more clarity in knowing if counseling would help you and what you struggle with. Let’s dive in!

Many things can affect our abilities to move forward in life in a positive healthy manner. Factors such as environment, upbringing, circumstances or physical happenings can confuse or alter our processing in such a way that it can be difficult to handle what is thought as “normal” life activities. Today we will take a look at ways to know would counseling help. People seek counseling for many reasons. There are physical, emotional and mental factors to consider when you are trying to decide would counseling help. Below we will break down those three areas into examples of life events that can cause us to process circumstances in an unhealthy way.

Do You Have Physical Needs?

We may not always understand how our past can influence our present, but there are actions or reactions that make identifying would counseling help easier. Below is a list of actions or habits that may be a sign that counseling could help you physically overcome something from your past.

  • Unhealthy habits you can not break- smoking, over drinking
  • Overwhelmed by owning responsibility
  • Finding little joy in experiences or relationships
  • You isolate and prefer to be alone most times
  • Hard time sleeping or eating

This list is not extensive, rather, suggestions to help you gauge would counseling help you. Many try to continue through life doing what they know, but if that isn’t working, it’s ok to need help.

Do You Have Emotional Needs?

Like physical needs, emotional needs are important. When those needs are not fully met during our upbringing, we have gaps in our development that leaves us handling life and circumstances in ineffective ways. Again, below is a list of signs to help you recognize if you could use help with understanding your emotional struggles.

  • Frequent feelings of stress, anxiety, panic or overwhelmed
  • Intrusive, negative thoughts
  • Disproportionate anger, rage or resentment
  • Social withdrawal
  • Helplessness or hopelessness

Recognizing that you carry the heavy weight of some of these feelings can be scary. Depending on your experiences with sharing those feelings with others, you may feel like you have to keep those inside. We are here to help you create an action plan forward. We are here to listen and help. You don’t have to feel alone in your experiences and thoughts. Counseling can help you.

Do You Have Mental Needs?

Like physical and emotional needs, there are signs that some mental needs weren’t met at some point in your life. If your upbringing had hard and difficult experiences mixed with a lack of emotional and mental support, chances are counseling would help. We can choose today to take a stand for ourselves and seek help overcoming what seems like the impossible. If the below list seems familiar to you, counseling can help you overcome.

  • Coping with problems instead of resolving
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Overwhelming thoughts
  • Inability to redirect thoughts
  • Excessive fear, worry, stress, anxiety or guilt

While the examples above are a place to start when trying to recognize if an area or your life could use counseling, it is not extensive. Each of us are unique and our life experiences make us so different from one another. There simply isn’t an answer that works for all of us. There is counseling that helps us each of answer what works. Upstate Restorative Counseling is here to help you. We listen. We care. We work with you for an action plan forward.

If you have questions, feel free to call us. We are to listen to you. We understand for many people taking that first step to make that call is sometimes hard. You’re not alone.

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