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Reducing stress can improve more than just your mood. Stress affects so many different factors in our lives and bodies. Did you know that over 75% of Americans report experiencing physical stress? Extreme stress is reported by over 30% of Americans. That is a high number of people. Do you find yourself stressed and just don’t know how to reduce it? Today we will talk about how stress affects the body and the immune system as well as ways to reduce stress.

What is Stress?

Stress is how our bodies reacts to anything that requires an action or reaction from us. It is how we respond to physical or emotional circumstances day to day. Our daily lives encompasses many factors that can cause stress such as:

  • Family Dynamic
  • Work Environments or Demands
  • Financial Status
  • Health or Illness
  • Unhealthy Close Relationships

With so many of our surroundings having potential to cause stress, we need to have measures in place to help reduce stress. Could you use some tips to help balance out your days and reduce stress? Let’s dive in!

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

When our lives have too many areas that cause stress to our bodies, we need make sure we address it. Many illnesses and symptoms can occur when we undertake too much stress. We can become less effective thinkers and have less energy to go from day to day. Below are just a few symptoms that could signify that you carry too much and need to reduce stress.

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Upset Stomach
  • Intimate Issues
  • Sleep Issues

These only name a few ways that stress can affect you physically. Having any of these symptoms for prolonged periods of time can then cause other sicknesses or illnesses. Learning ways to reduce stress is important for our long-term health. Did any of these of symptoms ring familiar to you?

How Stress Affects Our Brain?

Having chronic, or frequent stress can cause numerous systematic issues within you. Stress releases chemicals within your body that, when gone unchecked, can cause body systems to malfunction. This includes how your brain function responds. Our brains are intricate and delicate and need control and balance to keep us able to function from day to day. When stress disrupts our brains we can experience side effects that can truly impact our lives.

  • Negative Behaviors
  • Poor Decision Making
  • Cognitive Fog
  • Break Down in Body Systems
  • Incapable of Problem Solving
  • Inability for Planning

It is important not only to recognize when our lives have too much stress but also the impact that can have on our person. Often times chronic stress can lead to other coping such as addiction, depression, anxiety or panic disorders. Deciding to reduce stress in your life is truly one of the best ways to love yourself and those dependent upon you.

How Can I Reduce Stress?

Reducing stress can look differently to different people.  We are all unique with different upbringings and physical make up. Finding ways to decrease the stress in your life, regardless of what works for you, is imperative, if this post resonates with you. Starting with any one of these can reduce stress some. Deciding to take the initiative and continue to add ways to decrease stress in your life, could save your life. Would you like a few ways to work on reducing stress? Take a look below for just a few.

  • Exercise Regularly
  • Connect With People
  • Meditate or Spend Quite Time
  • Eat Healthier
  • Find a Creative Outlet
  • Seek Counseling

Starting a new “thing” can be hard but choosing to do nothing different is going to ensure you remain where you are. For change to come, we have to be willing to change. Take a look at your schedule and see what you could alter to fit in a new method to reduce stress. If you have tried to change your schedule and fit in new activities but continue to feel stressed, we understand. Sometimes we need help understanding where we are and what steps we can take to better our lives and reduce our stress.

We are here to help you with anxiety, depression, addiction or trauma. We listen and care. Want help establishing steps and an action plan? Upstate Restorative Counseling is here. You can contact us today.