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The official season of spring is begun and depending on where you live you are enjoying longer daylight hours, more sunshine and the trees and plants beginning to grow and show buds that will soon bloom. For many, it has been a long season of winter and we are excited to be able to enjoy the weather, sunshine, activities, and opportunities that come along with the spring season.

Each season has its own special qualities, and many are excited for all that spring to offer. Spring ushers in:

More Energy.

With the warmer temperatures, more sunshine and longer day light hours, many find themselves having more energy to do things after their workday instead of wanting to go home and settle in for the night as we often like to do during the winter months.

Changes in Mood.

Spring can bring a renewed interest in getting out and doing new things or resuming activities that you enjoy. With longer evening hours it makes easier to try out new activities such as trying a new sport or enjoying walking a new trail or path in your neighborhood.

Being Outside.

Being outside in the warm temperatures and the sunshine is a wonderful way to enjoy spring. The vitamin D from the sunshine is helpful for everyone and can boost your mood.


Spring is the perfect time to resume a little exercise if winter has prohibited that or even try something new. Talking a walk nightly is a wonderful way to release stress and moving our bodies daily is a great benefit for both our bodies and minds.

Choosing In Season Foods.

The spring brings different fruits and vegetables that can be difficult to buy during the winter. In season fruits and vegetables are usually less expensive and you have a wider variety to choose from. Spring brings a wonderful opportunity to try new fruits and vegetables and even a few new recipes.

Spring Cleaning.

Spring is often a time when many choose to do spring cleaning. Taking the time to declutter and possibly pare down what you do not use anymore can help to provide a calmer and more organized home. Having a warm, inviting, and calm environment to come home to after a long day can be beneficial to rest and restoration that is needed for our bodies and minds.

Here are some ideas to try out this spring:

  • Plant a garden or flowers
  • Create a travel reading list of places to learn about
  • Research and plan a vacation
  • Have a picnic in the park with friends
  • Create art
  • Meditate on the beauty around you
  • Journal about dreams and new things you would like to try
  • Look up new recipes to make
  • Have a campfire with your family
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Listen to the birds sing and try to identify the birds
  • Go fishing
  • Relax in a hammock
  • Watch live music at a venue in your town
  • Go to a farmer’s market
  • Enjoy a long drive in the country

These are just a few ideas to try this spring. If you are struggling with life transitions, our therapists would love to talk with you and help as you work through these transitions. For more information, please click on https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/life-transitions/