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This month on our blog we will be looking at various aspects of relationships. Relationships are a crucial need in everyone’s life. That said, not all relationships are healthy and may need some work to make them life giving.

We are going to start this series looking at why we need relationships in our lives. There are days when all of us feel like walking away from a relationship in our life. We are not sure if it is worth the work or the trouble! Relationships that are healthy are vital to not only our health but as importantly our wellbeing. The benefits I am sharing are reflective of healthy relationships. We will be discussing later this month what you can possibly do if you have an unhealthy relationship.

Health Benefits of Good Relationships.

  • Relationships can help us to live longer.
  • They can help us deal with stresses we experience.
  • They can help us clear our head and share thoughts, emotions, and feelings that if kept inside can cause harm to our physical bodies.
  • Relationships can encourage is to take care of ourselves
  • Provide us with companionship to work on health goals together.

Emotional Benefits of Healthy Relationships.

  • Having a friend to talk to can boost your mood.
  • Being in relationship with someone makes you feel less alone.
  • Helps to ensure we are not living in isolation.
  • Relationships help us to feel a sense of belonging to something bigger than just ourselves.
  • We need to have a deeper connection with others, so we feel that we are heard and known.
  • Relationships provide companionship, a friend to do things with and enjoy activities with.

Mental Health Benefits in Relationships:

  • Having a friend who you can share your thoughts, emotions, and experiences with is crucial to a safe place to share and process which promotes good mental health.
  • A good relationship helps to develop empathy both for others and ourselves.
  • Relationships can help us develop our confidence.
  • Relationships helps us to develop our listening and conflict resolution skills.
  • Being in relationship help us grow as humans.

Healthy relationships can have so many positive influences in our life. They can be a source of happiness, laughter, joy, comfort, and support. While it will take commitment and work to find your community and develop lasting relationships, it will be well worth all the effort. You will receive so many benefits from these relationships.

Therapy for Relationship Problems in Greenville, SC

If you are struggling with making relationships, relationship anxiety, working through, or maintaining relationships and would like someone to talk to, our Greenville therapists would love to listen and help. To find out more, please take a look at https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/relationship-issues/