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Habits are all the small decisions that we each make every day. Often so many of the decisions become automatic to us and they are part of our daily routine. We need habits to help us to function within our days. We need habits as they to provide the needed structure to accomplish all that we do within the day. Our lives are a picture of the habits we are choosing. Habits are the key to how we will choose to live and grow in our lives.

Habits can be both beneficial and not beneficial in our lives. The habits we chose can brings good results or possible consequences.

Habits can be:

  • Beneficial or possibly damaging to all areas in our lives
  • Healthy or unhealthy to our bodies, mind, and emotions
  • Help us grow in our goals and dreams or keep us stuck feeling like we have nowhere to go to
  • Help us to become stronger or grow weaker
  • Keep us growing and learning or become stagnate

We all have many choices each day that will help guide us to the life we want to live. Some of these choices create the habits we embrace and include in our daily life.

Those beneficial healthy habits will help us grow as a person, embrace our dreams and goals, enjoy and be present in relationships, make intentional healthy choices, and continuing to become the person and build the life we want to have.

Do you have beneficial healthy habits that are helping you to be the person you want to be and to build the life you want? Let’s take a look at some of the habits that can be beneficial:


Focusing and being thankful for what we already have and have accomplished. Taking the time to acknowledge and enjoy this time before we start to focus on the next step or thing we want.

A great way to develop this habit is to keep a journal so you have a record of the good things in your life and what you have accomplished.

Taking Care of Your Body.

Choosing healthy foods for your body, staying hydrated, and doing the specific needs of your body. This is an area where you need to know your own body’s need and your care may look different than your friend’s.

Developing weekly menus and trying new foods is a good choice to habit. Keeping a food log of how your body feels after eating certain foods helps you to know if certain foods are good for your body.

Moving Your Body.

Our bodies were not made to just be still. We need to move them often. Determine what works best for you and be sure to include that throughout your day. If you sit at a desk for most of the day. Take breaks and walk around. Maybe take a short walk at lunch or try a new activity that gets you moving. Invite a friend to go on a walk or try a new class.


Knowing how much sleep your body needs and making sure you get it on a regular basis is crucial to how your body will function daily, how it will fight off illness and how you will age. It’s important for each person to know what is needed to wind down for the evening. That may include putting your phone away, a relaxing bath or cup of tea. It is also knowing how much sleep your body needs and trying to get close to that amount most nights.


Taking time to pamper yourself is so important. What that looks like is different for each person. Choosing to set time aside to read a book, take a long bath, write in your journal, watch a movie you love, take a long walk is choosing to invest in the wellbeing of you! No one can take care of you like you can.

Managing Your Time.

Keeping margin in your schedule is crucial to being able to handle life’s ups and down. There are always some little or big unpredictable or unexpected tasks and activities that come into our days and week. Choosing to schedule your days and weeks to what is best for you is also needed. You know what is best for your body and your abilities. Keep this in mind as your make your schedule.

A great way to develop this habit is to take time once a week to look at the big picture of your schedule and then see how your schedule is helping or hindering you on your goals and dreams. This time weekly can be helpful in adjusting for the upcoming week activities.

Invest In Relationships.

Make time and put effort into relationships that are important to you or new ones you want to nurture. Having relationships is such a beneficial and essential part of life. While sometimes relationships can be hard, they provide much love, joy, and companionships.

Some ways to develop this habit is to be intentional in reaching out to the people in your life by scheduling time to be together, texting, calling, emailing or social media. Scheduling time to be with our friends and family is needed so that we don’t let life get in the way of pursing these relationships.

Choose to Be Proactive.

There will be times in our lives when we must react to circumstances and changes but choosing to keep a proactive attitude will be helpful as you choose habits that benefit you and help you to move forward in your dreams and plans.

A way to foster this habit is to regular take time to review where you are at in your goals and dreams. Revisiting our goals can give us renewed excitement and momentum to pursue the goals. Keeping a written list of goals on our computer, in a journal or someplace we can see them often is a great reminder of what you are working towards. Choosing to be proactive is also a great way to think ahead, have a plan B when needed and be able to problem solve when needed.

Seek Inspiration.

Choose to seek out people, books, shows and movies that inspire you. Maybe look for a mentor who is a little ahead of you in your dream. Seek people who inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be.

A wonderful way to develop this happen is to have a few books on hand to read for a few minutes here and there. Ask you friends what they are watching that is inspiring them so when you have time you have something new to watch. Choose an activity like visiting an art museum if art inspires you.

These are just a few of the areas where we can focus on with our habits. If you are struggling with developing healthy habits or need some help dealing with an unhealthy habit our therapists are here to help you. For more information https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/