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Yes being in nature for even 10 minutes can bring positive changes to your health.  Besides helping depression, there are many wonderful ways that you can choose to be in nature and all of them can help with our physical, emotional, social, and mental health by helping with the following:

  • Can help you to slow down and exhale
  • Can allow you to release stress and the physical effects of stress
  • Can help you to relax and allow your body to decompress after a hard day
  • Can you help you sleep better at night
  • Some activities such as walking can help to improve your physical health
  • Can help to improve your mood
  • Can help to reduce the feelings that come along with stress and anger
  • Can help to reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Feeling connected to nature and your surroundings can be life-giving
  • Can help you to think clearer
  • Can help with sorting through options and decision making
  • Can improve confidence when you are thinking clearer
  • Brings opportunities to meet new people with similar interests
  • Brings opportunities to be part of your community
  • Allows you to volunteer in causes and activities that are important to you
  • Provides opportunities to step out a little and try new things

For many people, exercise is what brings them out into nature and while that is a wonderful way to experience nature there are so many other ways such as:

Nurture Nature.
  • Create a growing space such as a garden or container garden for food or flowers
  • Join a co-op with others to work a piece of land to grow vegetables for a community garden
  • Visit and when able to support local farms and orchards
  • Visit local markets in your area that bring fresh foods to your community
  • Join a food foraging group and learn what foods grow naturally in your area
  • Enjoying your meals on the porch
Restful Moments.
  • Taking a nap in your hammock
  • Reading your favorite book on your deck while listening to the birds sing
  • Having your morning coffee in your favorite chair on the back porch before you start your day
  • Watching the sunrise or sunset from your backyard
Creative Soul.
  • Learn more about the stars and check out local observatories in your area
  • Put a blanket out in the backyard on a clear night and do some star gazing
  • Taking your favorite art project to the beach or park to get inspiration
  • Trying your hand at photography and highlighting the unique nature around you
  • Displaying some of your artwork in your home or office
  • Searching for shells for your favorite jar or to make something with
Animal Lover.
  • Talking your dog on a new trail in your favorite park
  • Build an animal habit such as a bird box
  • Put up bird feeders in your yard
  • Enjoy watching the hummingbirds swirl and dance around their feeders in the warmer months
  • Take a bird watching walk at a bird sanctuary and see how many types of birds you can find
  • Enjoy a day at the zoo and get reacquainted with your favorite childhood animals
Outdoor Venues.
  • Try glamping if tent camping is not for you.
  • Search for new waterfalls in your area
  • Enjoy a slow pontoon boat ride around your favorite lake enjoying all the nature around the lake
  • Have an evening of night fishing and see what you can catch
  • Take a long walk on the beach at sunset to listen to the ocean
  • Try planning your next adventure with geocaching maps and see what treasures you may find


These are just a few suggestions to try to get started. Some of these ideas take little time but will bring great benefits to your health.

If you are struggling with your mental health, our therapists are here to help. For more information on how we can help please take a look at: https://upstaterestorativecounseling.com/

Start small just 10 minutes a day and see how being in nature can bring positive changes in your health.