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Do you find it hard to put to words what you feel? If so, you are not alone. It is more common than you think. There are different reasons that we are unable to connect to our feelings, we will talk about some of those today. Regardless of what prevents us from knowing what we are feeling, it can affect us and our relationships. So today, we will explore this and talk about how a lower recognition of what we feel can affect us. We will finish up with some steps to take that could help be more aware that we are feeling. Do you have a hard time connecting or knowing what you are feeling? If so, I hope this information helps.

Are Emotions Important?

Emotions matter. They help us connect with people and make decisions. They tell us things about ourselves or our life or past that can help us today. They strengthen our relationships and aid in communication. Without emotions or feelings, it could increase how often others are having to guess at what has upset you. Over time, this could damage relationships. Emotions also help us to make decisions and survive our journey of life. Who knew that emotions aid in survival? Below are a few more reasons emotions are important to us.

  • Aids in learning
  • Connection and attachment to others
  • Guides behaviors
  • Helps motivation
  • Increases awareness
  • Supports growth and development

When considering if emotions are important, it’s safe to say that we have them for multiple reasons and they help us in multiple ways. Below, we will take a look at some scenarios that could affect our ability to process and feel emotion.

Why Can’t I Know?

There are so many different circumstances that can lead us to struggle to feel our emotions. In some cultures, feeling your emotions is frowned upon. Some households carry unrealistic expectations or have unhealthy dynamics. Genetically some people are more prone to experience lower emotion recognition. Chronic or overwhelming long-term stress can cause the body systems to not function as they should. Childhood trauma can also affect the level at which we process our feelings. So, while it is easy to see there are many reasons that could affect how we feel, there are just as many things we can do to help be more aware of our feelings. Are you able to know what you are feeling with emotions arise?

How Can I Get Help?

Taking the step to recognize when we are experiencing something hard and having the courage to seek help is brave. We don’t have to live forever with all the things that life has taught us or affected. Each day we can make a choice to try something different. Something new. We can choose us! Taking the time to help yourself not only helps you, it helps every relationship you maintain. Life is sometimes long and hard and we need help. Below are a few suggestions that could help you be more aware of what you are feeling.

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Pay attention to exercise regularly
  • Talk to someone you trust about something you are feeling
  • Write out your feelings
  • Accept what emotions you have
  • Spend time with a friend

Having a lower ability to recognize what you feel can be frustrating. Taking steps toward something different can be hard. We understand. You are not alone. If this information resonates with you and you want help understanding why you have such a hard time expressing or feeling your emotions, we are here for you. Upstate Restorative Counseling has a team of therapists who desire to listen and walk alongside you. You deserve the best you!