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Relationships can bring joy into our lives. Sometimes, the same relationships can also bring frustration, hurt, pain, anger, and unresolved emotions. Often, we may need help working through difficulties that arise in our relationships. Connecting with those around us can be challenging at times. But, it is so very worthwhile as we need to be connected to others and our world.

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Our first relationship with our parents can affect how our clients see themselves and relate to others. Sometimes we will need help to better understand and work through past and current concerns with the relationships we have. Being able to navigate and have healthy personal relationships at work, and in our community is crucial to having a satisfying life.


Issues you may be experiencing that individual therapy for relationship issues can address: 

 In a difficult relationship, you may not feel heard like their thoughts, emotions, and opinions are not being acknowledged or valued. Often both people can have expectations of the relationship and each other that are not the same. Or those expectations are different than what is actually happening in the relationship. This can bring hurt, anger, and unresolved conflict.

When difficulties arise in relationships, you may feel like there is no way to resolve this conflict. Both of you are too far away from any kind of compromise. You may be struggling with even understanding the other person’s perspective. And, they may not understand yours. Often when a relationship is hard, you can feel unappreciated. Especially if the other person is not working on the relationship like you want them to.


Experiencing conflict in a relationship can bring feelings of being overwhelmed and even feeling stuck.

Having ongoing conflict puts stress on the relationship. As a result, it can make it hard to find any common ground or even be able to enjoy things you once enjoyed together.

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Learning to grow both as a person and in a relationship can bring questions, hard choices, unexpected changes, and things outside of your control. When this occurs, it can be very beneficial to have an online therapist in Greenville, SC to walk alongside you as you work through these challenges. Individual therapy for relationship issues can help you better cope with these changes.

When is it time to seek individual therapy for relationship issues?

 You may find that you are feeling on edge and guarded in your relationships. Instead of talking with the person, you decide to avoid them or pretend that everything is ok when you know it is not. You may be avoiding places you might normally have contact with that person. Struggling in one relationship can also bring questions or concerns about others you have. Unresolved issues can create insecurity and an inability to move forward in your life.

How our relationship counselors can help:

Our counselors can help you identify the issues in the relationship by helping to determine cases and possible triggers that make the relationship difficult. An online therapist in Greenville, SC can help you look at your communication style. Together, you can share your emotions and thoughts in a more effective way. They can share ways that will help you develop healthy expressions of your emotions. And, they can also determine if there are patterns in the way you relate to those around you. Our counselors can provide tools that help you learn how to be assertive in your relationships. A couple of these tools include using I-statements and asking directly for what they need.

They can help you to understand what qualities are present in healthy relationships. An online therapist can also help you set boundaries that are protective and constructive when working through issues in relationships. Boundaries are beneficial in healthy relationships and needed in unhealthy relationships.

Individual therapy for relationship issues can help you improve your communication skills. A counselor can:

Share techniques that can help you learn to be more present in your relationships

A close up of a therapist gesturing with their hands to a client. An online therapist in Greenville, SC can offer support with individual therapy for relationship issues in Greenville, SC. Search relationship problems help Greenville, SC for support today.Teach listening skills that help you listen in a more effective way

Provide tools and coping strategies

And help you as you develop your own voice and how to have meaningful and productive conversations

Through working with our counselors, our clients gain confidence in their relational skills. By doing so, they can become more assertive, better communicators, have stronger social skills, and feel more connected to the world around them.

We would love to walk alongside you as you develop and strengthen the relationships in your life.

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Relationships Can be Tricky.

Relationships are a necessary and beautiful part of life. But they can be hard to navigate sometimes. Whether it’s your relationship with your spouse, family, or close friends, we want to help you improve your interactions with them.

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.


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