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The green grass is coming back. The hills and mountains are more than shades of brown. The beautiful colors of the flowers can be seen everywhere. Spring has sprung! With warmer weather and prettier sites to see, it may be time to try something new this spring. The winter months can be long and hard for some but spring is the perfect opportunity to get out and get moving.

Increase Your Movement.

We have talked a lot on this blog how movement and exercise is needed for so many of our bodies functions to remain healthy. Movement also decreases depression. Spring could be the perfect time to commit to trying something new. Consider things you enjoy and try to get exercise and movement from them. There are so many different fun ways to exercise that are outside of the normal gym or class setting. Take a look below at the suggestions. Which of these may you want to try?

  • Local city-wide paved trails for walking or biking
  • Tend to the garden
  • Paddleboard in a local lake
  • Take a hike at your ability level
  • Fly a kite
  • Pickleball with some friends
  • Go for a kayak ride
  • Play frisbee with a friend
  • Listen to your favorite music while walking

There are so many ways to add movement to your lifestyle. Many of which can be so much fun if shared with someone you enjoy. Try something new this Spring, it may just stick around as something you love.

Spring Time Fun.

Spring also brings other opportunities that may not be as available the rest of the year. The idea is change up your routines and habits to make space for new things this year. Did you know that repeating the same things all the time can lead to increased stress and more boredom in your life? This can be a challenge to those of us who prefer routine. Everyone can benefit from change and being intentional to bring new fun things into the mix. Below are a few things to consider that can be different for spring.

  • Start a garden or shop local farmers market for new foods
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Pick some berries and make a homemade pie
  • Explore a downtown area and dine outside
  • Find a quiet spot to bird watch
  • Take a small get away spring vacation
  • Hang a bird feeder and identify the birds
  • Clean out the house and have a garage sale
  • Go on a picnic
  • Find wildflowers and make an arrangement for your house
  • Grow some window seal herbs
  • Dance and play in the rain
  • Sit in a patch of clover and look for a four leaf one
  • Take a Sunday drive or road trip to see something new
  • Take a walk on grass barefoot

The idea of the list is to try something new this spring. Slow down from the normal pace of life and “smell the roses”. The pace we sometimes keep can be hard on our bodies and on our families. Building in time to slow down and enjoy something different can improve our mental health and decrease our stress and anxiety.

If you find yourself desiring more fun and less stress but can’t seem to make changes for yourself, you are not alone. It can be hard to overcome a wound or trauma from your past. Upstate Restorative Counseling is here for you and wants to help you with tools to help you live your best life. Reach out today.