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With over a third of the population reporting experiencing anxiety, we need to talk about it. Talking about anxiety can help each of us know that it is normal to experience. We don’t have to keep the things we feel inside. In fact, trusting someone with this information, can help. We simply are not meant to keep all of our feelings inside. So, let’s talk anxiety! Below are a few methods that can help during anxiety. Have you tried any of these? Keep in mind, just because something didn’t work before doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try again. It may work this time.


Mindfulness is being aware or conscience of something. It is when we choose to focus on one thing. Mindfulness helps to stop our thoughts from spiraling and keeps us present with what is happening right now. It can help when we start to feel overwhelmed and our thoughts begin to race. Have you tried mindfulness before? Below are some steps that could help anxiety.

  • Sit down on something comfortable
  • Take notice of one part of your body, what is it doing
  • Keep a straight posture
  • Keep your eye focus lowered but not on anything specific
  • Remain in this moment, pay attention to breaths
  • Your mind may begin to ponder a positive or neutral thought
  • Notice body. Notice posture. Breathe. Thought flow


Is it hard for you to regularly fit in relaxation? It is important to incorporate relaxation into your life. We simply can’t operate at a constant pace and remain healthy. It helps with digestion, heart health, mood, sleep and so much more. The key is finding what method your body responds to. It’s not about what is trending or popular. When you find a relaxation method that works for your body, you will feel it in your body. Below are a few steps to try for relaxing.

  • Breathing deeply, in your nose and out your mouth
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to enjoyable music, taking control of your thoughts
  • Use an aroma in the room that you like
  • Journaling, coloring, art or doodling


Breathing is something we all may take for granted. Afterall, we breathe around 20,000 breaths a day. Can you imagine if we had to remember to do that? How we breathe is important. If we have shallow short breaths, it can deplete our bodies of needed oxygen which triggers different symptoms. There are different techniques that we can try to calm our breathing and help with anxiety.

  • Count while you breathe – draw slow breathes in and out and count to four each way
  • Inhale through nose four counts, hold it for seven counts, exhale through your mouth for eight counts
  • Breathe deeply and pay close watch to your abdomen rising and falling


Exercise is so important for so many of our body systems. It keeps us going and healthy at a cellular level. Again, finding what form of exercise you enjoy will be key to keeping up with it. Talk about sweating out some anxiety, exercise can! What do you like to do for exercise? Below are common ways to get some exercise. Are you ready to try something new?

  • Ride a bike
  • Walk your dog, or for an elderly in your neighborhood
  • Play a sport
  • Join the gym
  • Swimming
  • Dance
  • Hike
  • Hula Hoop
  • Exercise games

Regardless which of these you implement for your anxiety, the key is to talk about your anxiety. Choose to take a step. Change will not come without steps to achieve it. If you have tried to decrease your anxiety and it just is not working, you are not alone. Counseling can help. URC is here for you, reach out today.