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It seems simple and common sense, but our bodies need oxygen. Besides the fact that our bodies can only last 6-8 minutes without oxygen, today we talking about what common things affect oxygen, how important it is for us to provide ourselves with oxygen and ways to increase and improve it. Have you ever considered that our bodies need oxygen before food or water? Oxygen is important.  We can live close to 30 days without food and up to a week without water, but that is not so without oxygen. Without oxygen, we can only survive minutes. There are many circumstances that can affect oxygen and ways we can improve it.

What Can Affect Our Oxygen?

As we breathe, our lungs are filled with oxygen rich air and our body systems take over, distributing the oxygen to every cell within us. Each heart beat and each breath serves our body and it’s systems. We talk and move and think partly due to our oxygen supply. Did you know that we breathe on average 22,000 times a day? That is a lot of air. But there are times when we have decreased oxygen supply. What things can affect our oxygen supply? There are factors, other than medical conditions, that can disrupt our breathing. Below are just few circumstances that can affect your oxygen and your health.

  • High Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Sedentary Life Styles
  • Panic Attacks
  • Depression

Do you often experience what feels like disruption in your oxygen from one of the struggles above? Becoming aware of the importance of oxygen and what can affect your supply is beneficial for taking next steps.

Why Is Oxygen Important?

Oxygen is used in every cell of the body and is vital for cell life. It keeps our cells healthy and working properly. Our organs depend on oxygen to perform their duties within us. Oxygen is used to break down food for energy. Muscles need oxygen to build properly. Did you know that without oxygen, our brains would very quickly shut down? Our moods can often take a dive when we are too still or lacking oxygen. This is due to decrease in serotonin, which makes us feel happy.

It seems a basic or common thing to know, yet there are ways to improve your oxygen intake and quality.

How Can I Improve My Oxygen Intake?

With so much of our body systems needing constant oxygen to live, we really should be intentional about providing the best oxygen possible. It isn’t always possible to live in the perfect place, or work in the perfect place, but there are steps we can take outside of home or work that can help us get out and experience some fresh air. If you have a medical condition, it is important to first speak to your doctor before beginning anything new. They are general suggestions that can help you increase how deeply you breathe, what air you breathe and the quality.

  • Being Active
  • Deep Breathing
  • Take A Walk or Jog
  • Get Outside in Fresh Air
  • Visit Nature for a Hike
  • Park Further Away While Shopping
  • Enjoy a Water Sport

Increasing your activities and being mindful of giving your body the air it needs can be beneficial not only for your health but could also help if you have symptoms of depression or anxiety. Until next time, breathe deep, get outside, enjoy the day and feed your body the oxygen it needs.

If you have symptoms of anxiety or depression and you have tried activities to help, but need someone to work with next steps, Upstate Restorative Counseling is here for you. We have therapists who can listen and help you take steps.