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Depression Counseling in Greenville, SC

 Struggling with Feeling Depressed


A mother with a concernsed look sits on her sofa while looking at her newborn. Learn more about depression treatment in Greenville, SC and how a depression therapist in Greenville, SC can support you with online depression treatment in Greenville, SC or across the state. We offer support in overcoming depression symptoms.

Often when you are feeling depressed you feel alone and isolated, not sure where to turn or who you can trust. The sadness feels like it will never end. You are not alone. A depression therapist will join you to help you process your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. You don’t have to live with depression forever. Depression treatment can offer support.

Are you having any of these thoughts or emotions?

Do you struggle with the feeling like you are worthless?

Are you questioning why you should continue to try so hard to make things better?

Would you rather stay home instead of joining friends or doing activities that you once loved?

Are feeling more emotional or more irritable than normal?

Is your motivation to do normal tasks less than before?

Do you find you have less excitement or passion for your hobbies or activities you used to love?

Depression can cause physical changes as well:

Do feeling more tired than normal?

Is it harder to concentrate on tasks, work, reading, or even hobbies you might have enjoyed before?

Have had changes in how hungry you feel or how much you are eating?

Do you find yourself skipping meals or eating more than normal?

Have you noticed any weight changes?

Does your daily schedule look different than before?

Is your energy less than you usually have?

When is it time to seek depression treatment?

A man sits while covering his eyes while sitting across from a man with a clipboard. Learn more about depression treatment in Greenville, SC and the support a depression therapist in Greenville, SC can offer. We can help you overcome depression symptoms in Greenville, SC today. It is time to seek help when depression symptoms begin to cause issues at work, school, or at home. You may find that it’s hard to get out of bed each morning to do the things you often do. Your relationships may be under stress because you would rather stay home than engage with family and friends. Getting through the day is challenging and it may feel like you are in a fog. If this sounds familiar and you are not engaging in life, it may be helpful to find a depression therapist. By talking with them, you can discuss your depression symptoms, and the impact depression is having on your life.

How a depression therapist can help:

Our counselors are here to help you better understand how depression can affect your life. Working together, you will learn to identify triggers, and better understand why you feel the way you do. Together, they can help you learn skills that can help. One specific tool that our counselors can use to help their clients is to identify activities that are used to bring them joy, gratitude, happiness, and contentment.

Often clients struggling with depression have stopped doing those activities. We encourage them to try one of those activities again as an experiment. How does pursuing that activity affect your emotions? Does it bring enjoyment? How would including that activity change or impact the client’s life now?

Another way our counselors help is to help their clients identify and evaluate their self-talk. Is what the client is saying to themselves positive and encouraging? Or, is it harmful? By helping the client better understand what self-talk looks like and the impact it can have in either a positive or negative way, the counselor can help their client develop tools. By doing so, they can begin to look at self-talk in a different way.

Through working with a depression therapist, our clients build emotional and

A woman sits alone on a beach with arms up in the air. This could represent the joy cultivated by depression treatment in Greenville, SC. Learn more about online depression treatment in Greenville, SC by contacting a depression therapist in Greenville, SC today.

physical awareness. Together, they gain an understanding of themselves and what depression can look like and how it can affect their lives, and learn and use tools that specifically help them to start building the life they desire.

After working with our counselors our clients:

Are more engaged in their lives

Have the ability to be present in their own lives

Know what triggers them and what steps to take when triggered

Responds faster to changes in their bodies and mind and how to manage those feelings

Have a greater capacity to experience more positive emotions

Have the ability to experience a more peaceful life


No one should have to walk through depression alone.

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Freedom is Possible.

It may not seem like it now but freedom from depression is possible. You can

feel better again, and we want to help you get there.

I’m not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

Carl Jung


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